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These nominees bring a proven record supporting our parklands and a willingness to work diligently for our community


In 1985, my husband Patrick and I moved into our Lunada Bay ‘dream fixer’, with two young preschoolers in tow.  It was the ugliest house on the block.  Today we live in the same (remodeled) house, and we have the honored title of ‘the older couple on the block’.  Our three daughters all graduated from PV schools, while my husband worked for Toyota, and I continued growing my design studio. My background:

  • As a successful business owner and Lunada Bay resident for over 30 years, I know what it takes to do good work in our community.
  • My degree in Environmental Design from Parson’s School of Design has prepared me for an interdisciplinary working style, with studies in urban planning, architecture, structures, landscape, interiors, and lighting.
  • Special studies on the Olmsted firm, both at Parsons and through symposia by the National Association of Olmsted Parks, provide deeper insight into the history of our community and inspiration for the future.
  • Extensive volunteer efforts as a board member for the Lunada Bay Homeowners Association, Committee Chairperson for PTA, and docent activities for the Palos Verdes Art Center and the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy, connect to community concerns on a day to day level.
  • My excellent working relationship with the Art Jury, staff, and the City of PVE, displays knowledge and skill in navigating city process, seeking the best possible outcome for residents while preserving our high standards.
  • Our city, Palos Verdes Estates, is considered the jewel among Olmsted’s many projects.  I am honored to be a resident, business owner and designer, contributing to our city legacy.

Positioning Statement

I am inspired by the Olmsted vision for our community. We have an abundance of riches, from ocean views to beautiful architecture, and protected open space. A profound sense of community is nurtured by our surroundings and protected by our CC&R’s. Current PVHA legal actions have put the foundation of our community at risk. All parkland becomes a commodity to be sold, and we lose the greater right for the oversight of development granted by our CC&R’s. As a PVHA board member, I will preserve the intention of our CC&R’s, conduct business to a right and honorable standard, and protect our community values.


W. Richard Fay

I have lived in Palos Verdes Estates for over 30 years and have moved in twice, once in the early 70’s to Lunada Bay and then in 2008 to Montemalaga.  

After graduation from Duke University I began my career with the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), holding various technical, supervisory and management positions until retiring in 1998.  For several years I served as ARCO’s representative on the Board of Directors of joint venture pipeline companies and served as President of two of them. 

Following my retirement, I was a managing partner in the start-up and management of a successful web site development company which was sold in 2015. 

I have been a member of the Palos Verdes Golf Club for over 25 years and have volunteered in various capacities at the club, including serving as Handicap Chair for several years.  I have also been active in Little League and AYSO soccer. 

My wife and I live on Granvia Altamira.  My two grown children attended Palos Verdes public schools from kindergarten through high school.   My son, a cross-country runner, spent countless hours running the trails.  My daughter, and now her family, still likes to walk the parkland and enjoys the spectacular ocean views. 

Positioning Statement

I am running because PVHA needs new leadership. The Board sold parkland in a deal kept hidden from the public and since ruled illegal.  Despite strong community opposition the Board is participating in an appeal. This election gives the membership a chance to actually be heard. Past elections have had only five names for five positions on the official ballot, quorums rarely achieved, and the Board re-selecting themselves.  A majority of the current Board was selected, never elected. It’s time for new leadership that will protect the parkland, be transparent in its dealings, and listen to the public.


L. Ried Schott

I was raised in Cincinnati with strong Midwestern values, which have helped me with successful careers in commercial real estate and investment banking.  Due to work, I’ve lived in Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles before settling in Palos Verdes Estates a decade ago. I remain active with property management through my own firm and as an angel investor with Tech Coast Angels, having invested in over a dozen start-up companies over the past 15-years.  I have also dedicated about two years rebuilding my home in PVE and understand the challenges many residences face in dealing with the Art Jury as well as with view restorations.  Locally, I am an Advisory Board Member of the Malaga Home Owners Association, a member of the PV Golf Club, a Volunteer Parkland Ranger with the PVE Police and a member of the Manhattan Country Club.  I also serve on the Board of AOF-Pacific, a non-profit housing corporation.  My formal education includes a business degree from the University of Denver supplemented with graduate school studies and extension courses (at NYU and UCLA).  

My fiancée and I live on Via Lazo. Over the last couple of years, I compiled a comprehensive inventory of Parklands, trails and pathways. From this, a PVE Trails Map was developed, which was presented to the PVE Police for search/rescue and the Parkland Rangers program.  Such information is also important for the management and preservation of PVE's city owned land, in which the PV Homes Association holds reversionary interests. 

Positioning Statement

If elected to the PVHA, my pledge is to make efforts to:

  • Uphold covenants to stop the sale of Parkland
  • Prevent attempts to close Parkland access and trails
  • Develop Art Jury policies that make the process of building in PVE simpler, quicker and that reduce conflicts of interest
  • Improve the view restoration process
  • Revise the PVHA By-Laws- from 1923
  • Initiate term limits so Directors can’t serve 10 to 20 years, as most have.
  • Reduce PVHA quorum requirements so that Directors are elected, not self-appointed
  • I respectfully ask for your vote to support my efforts, and those of other non-incumbent Candidates/Nominee