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Who Are We at ROBE?

Among the signers are four former Palos Verdes Estates mayors, one former PVHA President, one former PVHA Director, and the widow of another former President of the PVHA (who two years ago asked all the current Directors to resign), as well as two former Board members for PVP Unified School District — indicative of the depth and breadth of concerns by recent leaders in our community. Former Mayor Joe Barnett (recently deceased) also spoke out against the sale of parkland at a City Council Meeting in 2012,  so if he were included, it would be five former PVE Mayors dissatisfied with the decisions made by the current Board.

Our Steering Committee includes:

  • Marlene Breene (candidate)
  • Don Culler 
  • Barbara Culver – PVE City Councilmember (1980-1987) and Mayor (1983-1984)
  • Mary Elwell (candidate)
  • Dick Fay
  • Ruth Gralow -- PVE City Councilmember (1984-1994) and Mayor (1986-1987 and 1989-1990)
  • Rick Higgins
  • Dave Kleinman
  • John Harbison
  • Renata Harbison
  • Jennifer Laity
  • Kevin Lanigan -- former President of Palos Verdes Golf Club
  • Cathy Melton -- widow of Lin Melton, PVHA Director (1997-2005), President (2001-2005)
  • Mike Moody -- PVE City Councilmember (1990-1999) and Mayor (1993, 1998) (candidate)
  • Bill Patton
  • Mike Ratchko
  • George Romine  -- former President of Palos Verdes Golf Club
  • Ried Schott (candidate)
  • George Winston