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In the past three elections, signed petitions from 442 PVHA Members have been collected

If you would like to help in the campaign, please email to contact us and we will follow-up. For election rules click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I get my Ballot? Each PVE homeowners should have received the official ballot around Thanksgiving

  • Where do I mail them? They should be mailed to PVHA Inspector of Elections c/o MOSS ADAMS LLP, 10960 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90024 in order to be received by January 3, 2018.  You should use the prepaid return envelope that comes with the ballot, or hand deliver it to the lockbox in PVE City Hall.

  • Can I FAX the ballot to PVHA? No. PVHA will no longer accept ballots by FAX

  • Can I email the ballot to PVHA? No. PVHA will no longer accept ballots by email

  • Can I hand the ballot in at the PVHA Annual Meeting on January 9th?  No. PVHA will no longer accept ballots at the Annual Meeting

  • Can I give someone my proxy? No. PVHA no longer accepts proxies. 

  • What is the deadline? Hand-delivered or mailed ballots must be received by January 3rd, 2018

  • How many votes does it take to elect the alternative slate? To be a valid election, there must be a quorum of 50% of the PVHA members submitting ballots. Since there are about 5420 homes in PVHA, the quorum is 2711.  If a quorum is reached, then candidates with the top five number of votes will be elected. If a quorum is not reached, it has been past practice at PVHA to elect themselves for another year. The last year a quorum was reached was 2009.

  • Who is going to count the ballots? The accounting firm of Moss Adams under the supervision of Judge Latin acting as an independent inspector of the election. Your ballot and vote will not be known to the PVHA, so any concern over adverse impact to approval of any building project you are planning is not warranted.

  • When will the results of the election be known?  Results will be announced at the PVHA Annual Meeting on January 9th at 8pm.



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